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Selling Greenville Real Estate

Selling Your Home

Have you decided to sell your home? Save thousands with our low cost service.

Here at Advisor Real Estate in Greenville, our team of Advisor Agents are very experienced and knowledgeable and we recognize the headaches that come with selling your home. By choosing Advisor Real Estate to represent you with our 1% commission rates, we will take care of all the work and make this experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. When the time comes to place your home on the market, your Advisor agent will come to your home to do an in home consult. During this time, we will evaluate your property to obtain all of the necessary and helpful information to describe your property when advertising it on the market. We will also give you helpful tips and tricks to maximize the appeal of your home to help you sell it fast.



Low Cost Real Estate Program

If you want to save more money than your typical real estate agencies, then we specialize in a cost effective real estate program that will fit any real estate need and save you thousands. Most low cost real estate agencies only list your home on listing sites and still leave all the work of showing and selling for you to do. We are a full service, traditional real estate agency that offers a second option to sell your home for lower costs saving you thousands.