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Advisor Real Estate is the most innovative real estate company in Greenville, South Carolina! We are equipped to represent anyone from the private home owner to the builder, investor, or even a distress sale. We have a unique real estate program that will fit any need you may have. Our unparalleled 1% commission rates coupled with our innovative marketing strategies creates our perfect real estate company! Our Dream Team includes full-time realtors, appraisers, mortgage brokers, builders, investors, and attorneys. Our cutting-edge marketing strategies will sell your home fast and we will guide you through the process from listing your property to the closing. Over 90% of homes are sold using the internet and part of our advertising strategies includes adding your listing to over 100 of the most recognized real estate web sites across the country. Let us help you sell your listing while saving you money with our remarkably low cost Program.

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Professional Home Marketing without the high price!

Today, 90% of home buyers start their real estate search online. Our Flat Fee Price plan will promote your property to home buyers and agents on your local MLS as well as on the most popular real estate websites online!. Exposure is key to selling your home and our low cost Program provides tremendous exposure at an affordable price.

Below is a more descriptive detail of what else you receive with our low cost Program:

MLS Listings:

MLS is defined as " Multiple Listing Service" that is used by real estate professionals for listing and/or searching for properties currently available on the market. Our Advisor's will list your property on the local MLS which will give your home the most exposure to home buyers and agents.

In home consultation:

Your Advisor agent will visit you at your home to consult with you about your needs and the services you require. We will go over the entire process with you, give you tips and tricks to help you sell your home fast, personally evaluate your property in order to have the most accurate information when describing your home to potential buyers, place a professional yard sign in your yard along with a lock box, and will advise you of the fair market value of your home while sharing with you our strategic plan to getting the most money for your home.

Measure your home:

While evaluating your property during your in home consultation, we will measure your home to have the most accurate square footage of the property.

Professionaly designed flyers:

Once your home is placed on the market, we will provide you with professionally designed flyers which will list the details of your property including price, square footage, number of rooms, description, and any other information you wish. These flyers are designed to be placed in a box with your yard sign for potential buyers who may pass by your home to stop and grab in order to have immediate information about your listing. This is great for the potential buyers to obtain while driving around to look for a home to purchase because it gives them something to have and keep to reference later and to remember your property during their search.

Yard sign and Lock box:

Once you have decided to officially advertise your property, we will provide you with a professional sign to place at the front of your property to advertise your home for sale. The sign is designed to attract attention and provides a contact number for your agent so those who are interested can call to schedule a viewing. Along with the sign, a lock box will be provided to place on your door with a key inside for your agent or the buyers agent to gain access to the property during the scheduled viewing. Our lock boxes are very secure and your agent is the only person that will have the access code. If another agent needs to gain access to your property for a viewing with their customer, the code will be provided to that agent only, providing they are certified and have gone through the necessary steps to obtain it.

Professional Pricing and Sales negotiator:

Our dream team of Advisors are very experienced and knowledgable when it comes to accurately pricing your home. We stay up to date with the current market and property values and our dream team consists of a variety of professionals who specialize in appraisals, sales, and investing, just to name a few. We will Advise you the best price to list for your home which will provide the best possible scenario for for our Professional sales negotiators to sell and negotiate your home.

Scheduled Viewings and Buyer Pre-Approval:

Once a potential buyer shows interest in your property, your Advisor agent will schedule a date a time to allow them to do a walk through of the property. Your agent or the buyers agent will accompany them during the walk through to ensure the safety of your property as well as to answer any questions they may have. This is also the best opportunity for the agent to personally interact with the potential buyer to help promote your home while allowing them "see it for themselves". Once a buyer has decided they are interested in purchasing your property, they will be required to go through a pre qualification process to ensure they eligible for financing before starting the negotiation and contract process. This protects you from individuals who are not serious buyers, or who may not be eligible for financing which can significantly delay the sale of your home or potentially cause you to lose the sale from another buyer who IS qualified and ready to buy.

Forms and Contracts:

Once a buyer is pre qualified, negotiations can then begin. Once both parties have come to an agreement, a contract will be signed by you and the potential buyer which will advertise your home as being "under contract". This means that a potential buyer has been found and is planning to purchase your home, providing everything in the contract is completed in the said amount of time. i.e., appraisal, inspections, repairs, financing, etc... Your Advisor agent will handle this process for you while providing all of the necessary forms and contracts needed to close the deal. Your agent will also discuss further details of this process and answer any questions you may have during your in home consultation.

Coordinate closing and inspections:

Once a contract has been signed and agreed upon, your Advisor agent will coordinate with everyone including you, the appraisers, inspectors, the buyer, buyers agent, mortgage broker, attorney, and anyone else that will be involved during the sale of your home. This coordination includes the scheduling of the appraisal, inspections, legal documents, and all the way through to the day of the closing.